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If an insurance company experiences extraordinary losses, they are usually passed on to policyholders in the form of higher rates and stricter penalties. Since auto insurance companies don’t widely publicize their loss ratios, a policyholder has no way of knowing except through his or her state insurance departments if this is the case. Get direct auto insurance quotes to get the best rates!

It stands to reason that safe drivers of any insurance company should not be overly penalized for the transgressions of their fellow policyholders. In fact, since it is tough enough to maintain a good driving record, there is no reason why any safe driver should have to pay excessive premiums for his or her own insurance company’s underwriting mistakes.

It is very important to have a competent and sincere insurance representative because his or her judgment will have a lot to do with the quality of service you receive and the price you pay for it.

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During your lifetime, you will certainly be changing insurance companies several times. Make sure you compare rates at least once a year. Find direct auto insurance quotes by entering your zip code into the quote box above!

Insurance agents represent the companies that employ them; insurance brokers represent their clients with a variety of insurance companies. At first glance, it may appear that the brokers have a distinct advantage over their agent competitors, but that is not always true because agents can be as, or even more, price competitive than brokers. In the final analysis, it boils down to choosing the one person who is willing to work his or her hardest to give you the finest service for the least amount of premium. Sometimes it will be an agent; other times, a broker. It all depends upon that person’s professionalism and ability to be price competitive.

When shopping around, either as a price-conscious consumer, a person who just relocated to a new area, or a newly licensed driver, your first step is to take the advice of friends, neighbors, relatives, or business associates so that you’ll have a list of recommended companies when looking for an affordable car insurance coverage.

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