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What is “medical payments”? More than half of the automobile liability policies written include medical payments coverage. It is a part of the standard automobile liability policy. Find direct auto insurance quotes online now.

Its benefits are available only if you pay the additional cost for this protection. Except for liability insurance, it is probably the best insurance buy you can make in the automobile line. Here is the way it reads:

The company agrees “to pay all reasonable expenses incurred within one year from the date of accident for necessary medical, surgical, ambulance, hospital, professional, nursing and funeral services, to or for each person who sustains bodily injury, sickness or disease, caused by accident, while in or upon, entering or alighting from the automobile if the automobile is being used by the named insured or with his permission.”
You can collect even though negligent. Liability does not matter. This coverage has nothing to do with negligence or responsibility. Therefore, you can collect your medical expenses even though you were responsible for the accident.

One morning you are late for work. Before you realize it, the speedometer shows sixty mph—a sharp curve looms up—off the road you go—smack into a telephone pole. Your leg is broken at the knee.

You were negligent and entirely to blame for the accident. Yet if you have “medical payments” you can collect your medical expenses.

Anyone can collect. The direct auto insurance quotes and policy covers “… each person who sustains bodily injury . . . caused by accident, while in or upon, entering or alighting from the automobile. . . Everyone is covered—you, your children, neighbors, even chance acquaintances—as long as the car is used with your permission.

When you or others cannot collect. “Medical payments” benefits are not payable:
1. To an employee of the insured, injured in the course of his employment (other than domestic).
2. To anyone entitled to Workmen’s Compensation benefits.

Reynolds, a carpenter, runs out of nails. His boss says, “take my car and get another keg.” Reynolds takes along his wife and little boy. He has an accident. All three are injured.

Reynolds’ injuries would not come under his boss’s medical payments coverage. He was an employee of the insured and he was hurt while in the employment of the insured. The medical expenses of his wife and little boy, however, would be paid.

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