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Select your state or enter a zip code to get direct car insurance quote online. Persons injured “alighting” from the car. You would be considered alighting from the car while you were stepping from the car to the ground.

One court case went further. A woman got out of a car and was in the act of locking the door. She saw an oncoming car headed toward her. She ran behind her car and was injured.

The Court held that the woman did what any other reasonably prudent person would do—that she was injured while in the act of being upon and alighting from the car and, therefore, the claim should be paid.
Should you have a borderline case—one you are not sure is covered—present the claim to the insurance company. Most companies are fairly liberal in their interpretation of “medical payments” coverage.

Extended medical payments coverage. Something new is now available in medical payments insurance. You can purchase extended coverage. This would be in addition to your basic medical payments coverage and would cost about the same amount.

Extended medical payments covers you and all members of your family who are residents of your household: while riding in public vehicles such as a taxi or a bus, or while driving or riding in another person’s car.
It also protects you and the family if you or they are hit by a car while a pedestrian, and covers injuries to your children should they be struck by a car while riding a bicycle, roller skating or the like.

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You cannot purchase “extended” coverage unless you already have the basic medical payments coverage. Therefore, if you have extended medical payments coverage with direct car insurance quote, it would mean that you and your family (residing in your household) would be entitled to benefits in the event any of you were:

1. Injured while in or upon, entering or alighting from any automobile.
2. Struck by any automobile while walking, riding a bicycle or a horse, playing or simply standing in the street.

Extended medical payments insurance is a good buy for car owners with children. You and your spouse are pretty well protected under basic medical payments insurance while using your own or any other car. This is not true as far as your children are concerned. In order to cover injuries to your children while they are riding in cars other than your own, it is necessary to purchase extended coverage.

They would not be covered under your basic medical payments insurance. Injuries to children in the streets are more common than is the case with adults. (Remember, however, that this coverage applies only to medical expenses. It has nothing at all to do with liability insurance.)

Another reason that extended coverage should be more attractive to automobile owners with children is that the cost of the insurance is the same regardless of the number of people in the family.

Extended medical payments insurance would be excess coverage over any basic medical payments benefits available under any other policy.

Your young son is injured while riding in one of your neighbor’s cars. Your extended medical payments is SI,000. His medical expenses total $700. If your neighbor carried basic medical payments coverage, you would be entitled to collect from his company up to the limit of his policy.

Suppose, however, that your neighbor carried only $500. You would then be able to collect the first $500 of the medical expenses from his company; you could then turn the bills for the additional $200 over to your company and collect under your extended medical payments insurance. If your neighbor had no medical payments coverage, then you could collect the full $700 from your company.

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