Types of public automobiles

Public automobile is any automobile used to carry passengers for a consideration.

This section contains specific rules relating to the insurance of Public Automobiles. For coverages and general policy terms see the General Rule Section; for rules applying not only to Public automobiles but also to Private Passenger and Commercial automobiles see the Miscellaneous Rules Section. Find cheap car insurance quotes.

The Omnibus Coverage privilege shall not be extended to any Public Automobiles (except cars owned by funeral directors included under the “Funeral Directors” rule) insured under any policy.

Public Liability and Property Damage premiums which vary by territory schedule and the class of Public Automobile will be found in the State Rate Sheets.

Collision premiums shall be determined in accordance with the instructions given in the Collision division of the Miscellaneous Rate Section of this Manual.

Electric Public Automobiles are given reductions in premium for P.L., P.D. and Coll. as noted in the Miscellaneous Rate Section.

There are four general classes of Public automobiles:
Automobiles (a) Private Livery Automobiles (c) Taxicabs (b) Public Livery Automobiles (d) Busses
The Public automobile classification also includes hotel omnibuses, school busses, golf and country club busses, funeral cars (excluding hearses), and driverless cars.

(a) A Private Livery automobile is an automobile of the private passenger type rented with chauffeur in attendance from a garage only to be used in connection with social functions, shopping trips, touring and similar work; is not stationed at stands nor used as a jitney and is not used in railroad station work or for short hauls or trip work at standard fares. Policies insuring such automobiles may cover the liability of the named assured for their pleasure use and shall classify them as:

“Rented with chauffeur in attendance to private parties from garage only, for use in connection with social functions, shopping trips, touring and similar work; not equipped with a taximeter and not operated for hire at stands, hotels, stations, on public highways or other public resorts; and not used in short haul and trip work at standard fares.”

Premiums for this class of automobiles are given in the Rate Sheets under the heading “Private Livery Automobiles.”

In some cities or states the law does not permit a policy covering a public automobile to be restricted in its coverage to certain specified driving operations in accordance with the requirements of the Manual. If so, private livery cars shall be written at the full public livery rates pending reference to the home office and announcement of proper classification.

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