Reinstatement Endorsement

The named assured accepts the signature below as his signature, and agrees to the suspension of this direct auto insurance policy as below provided.

In consideration of the statement made by the named assured that the automobile described herein will be placed in operation on the date stated below, it is agreed that this policy is hereby reinstated in full force and effect on and after that date, but the company shall in no event be liable for any accident occurring prior to the date of reinstatement stated herein, and subsequent to the date of suspension. On account of the provisions of the suspension endorsement heretofore attached to this policy the named assured is hereby granted and acknowledges receipt of the following pro rata return premium.

Exception: Pro rata cancellation may be allowed if (a) the car insured is disposed of and the assured takes out a new policy for a year in the same company on another automobile to become effective within thirty days from date of cancellation, or (b) if the automobile insured is stolen or destroyed, pro rata cancellation may be allowed on the class of coverage not Involved in the loss.

If a form of coverage is cancelled from a policy at the request of the assured during the term of the policy, cancellation shall be effected on the short rate basis.

Policies issued to cover any Public automobile, or policies issued on the “named driver” or “specified car” basis to cover automobile manufacturers or automobile dealers shall name only one assured, except at an extra charge of 5% of the full Public Liability and Property Damage premium (but not for Collision) for one additional named assured, l]/2% for two additional named assured and 10% for three or more additional named assured. Policies issued on the “named driver” basis shall not cover the operation of automobiles by other than the driver named in the policies, or by some other person when accompanied in the automobile by the “named driver”. The charge for additional assured does not permit others than the “named driver” to operate automobiles, except when accompanied by the “named driver.”


(1) Policies issued in the name of commissions, trustees, or receivers, shall include the liability of such Commissions, Trustees, Receivers and/or the liability of the individual members thereof without additional charge.

(2) Policies insuring school busses may be extended without additional charge to cover the liability of school boards, the individual members thereof, the owners and the drivers of the busses. These interests shall not be covered without being specifically named and no other interests shall be covered except at the regular additional assured charges.

(3) Omnibus coverage may be granted without additional charge in connection with cars owned by funeral directors insured under “Funeral Directors” rule.

(4) For additional assured in connection with policies (other than “named driver” or “specified car”) issued to cover garages, automobile manufacturers and automobile dealers, see “Additional Assured—Garage Policies” rule.

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