Public Automobiles and Insurance

A Public Livery automobile is any automobile of the private passenger type not equipped with a taximeter, subject to call from a garage, stand, station, or other public resort, and rented by the hour, day, trip, or mile, for general passenger carrying, use, but not operated on a schedule as a bus. Any policy issued at a public livery rate shall describe and limit the operations in specific detail, and shall exclude use as a bus. The liability of the named assured for the pleasure use of such automobiles may be covered under the policy. Check out our auto insurance blog for more info.

The premiums applicable to this class of cars are given in the Rate Sheets under the heading of “Public Livery Automobiles.”

In those cities or states where the law does not permit a restriction in the policy as to driving operations, public livery cars shall be written at the full taxicab rates pending reference to the home office and announcement of the proper classification.

A Taxicab is any passenger carrying type of automobile not to exceed a designed seating capacity of 7 passengers that is equipped with a taximeter.

Premiums for this class of automobiles are published in the Rate Sheets under the heading of “Taxicabs.”
Taxicabs of the motorcycle type shall be written at a reduction of 25% from the taxicab premiums found in the Rate Sheets.

A Bus is any automobile operated on a public highway to pick up, carry and discharge passengers along a regular route, similar to a street car. Automobiles of the bus type used for sightseeing purposes or other special passenger carrying trips are also included in this classification.

Busses making regular or schedule trips between cities or towns shall be rated for Public Liability,
Property Damage and Collision Insurance in accordance with the rate applicable to the highest rated territory through which the busses operate, provided the distance between the terminal points of the route is less than fifty miles.

If the distance travelled between the terminal points is greater than fifty miles, the following increases in rate shall be applied, to the rate of the highest rated territory through which the busses operate.

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