Medical Payments and Who Can Collect

Who Can Collect Medical Payments and Why

You and your spouse can collect in cars other than your own. For all practical purposes, “medical payments” follows along with the liability coverage of your automobile policy—with respect to non-owned automobiles. If you or your spouse is injured in someone else’s car, you can still collect your medical expenses from your own company. Check out direct auto insurance quote online!

Let’s assume you have “medical payments” on your car. You and your spouse are injured while passengers in the car of a neighbor, Frank Smith.

1.If neighbor Smith does not have “medical payments” on his car, you and your spouse can collect your medical expenses from your own insurance company.
2.If neighbor Smith does have “medical payments” on his car, you would collect first from his company. Should your claim exhaust the limit of his policy, you could then turn to your own company and collect.
Others can collect from your company even though the accident does not involve your car. If someone is injured through the operation or occupancy of another car by you or your spouse, he can collect his medical expenses from your company.

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Getting direct auto insurance quote had never been easier! Enter your zip code to get started. The mere fact that you are a passenger in a car would not enable anyone in the car to collect. The injury must result from your presence in the car.

Example 1
Frank Smith suggests that you drive his car. The crash comes after you take the wheel. Smith is injured.

Assuming Smith had no “medical payments” on his car, he could collect from your company for his medical expenses.

Example 2
While Smith is getting into his car, you accidentally slam the door on his fingers.

He could collect his medical expenses from your company since the injury resulted from your occupancy. That is, he would not have been injured had you not been in the car.

Cases where medical payments coverage would not apply to another automobile. The “use of other car” feature of your insurance policy has its limitations.

Medical payments coverage does not apply:
I. Unless the injury arises out of the operation or occupancy of such other automobile by you or your spouse (or on behalf of either by your chauffeur or servant).
2. To other cars owned by you or members of your household.
3. To other cars frequently hired or used by you or members of your household.
4. To any vehicle (other than a private passenger automobile) used in your business.
5. To any public or livery conveyance, such as a taxi or bus. Medical expenses that are covered. Here are some of the common medical expenses that could be collected:

Hospital Physician
Dentist Ambulance
Professional Nurses
Physiotherapy Medicines (Drugs)
Bandages Funeral

In addition, most companies will pay for repairs to eye glasses, dental plates and artificial limbs if the damage is coincidental with a bodily injury. If your eye glasses or false teeth fall to the car floor and you are in no way injured, few, if any, companies will honor such a claim. Ready to get direct auto insurance quote?

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