Direct commercial automobiles insurance

This post contains all specific rules relating to the insurance of Commercial automobiles. To ascertain the premiums for Public Liability (P.L.) and Property Damage (P. D.) for a Commercial automobile. Trucks are divided into three classes—light, medium, and heavy—according to their tonnage. Commercial automobiles are further subdivided for P.L. and P.D. into four classes, depending on the business of the assured. Find direct auto insurance online.

If a truck man, express man, warehouseman or transfer company uses under contract one or more particularly described commercial automobiles for one concern only, the classification applicable to that concern shall be used for those automobiles, and an endorsement shall be attached to the policy to the effect that the particularly described automobiles are and will be used during the full policy term only for such concern which shall be named in the policy. If any commercial automobile is used for more than one concern, the full truck men premium shall be charged.

Note: If a truck man uses any of his trucks regularly in hauling for customers whose businesses are classified in Commercial Car Classifications 1 and 2, (for example, newspaper delivery) then the higher of the rates involved shall apply.

Trucks owned by truck men and regularly Truck men used in freight service between cities or towns shall be rated for Public Liability, Property Damage and Collision in accordance with the truck men rate for the highest rated territory through which the trucks operate. The highest rated territory shall be determined for each form of coverage separately and the total premium for each form of coverage shall be computed accordingly.

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