Direct Car Insurance Quotes With Liability Insurance

Get Direct Car Insurance Quotes and Carefully Consider Liability Coverage Options

You never know when you might have a bad one—an accident that involves severe or numerous injuries. Should you have a serious accident, those limits of 5/10 would be inadequate. In fact, 10/20 limits would cover only a fraction of lawsuit demands. Compare direct car insurance quotes now!

True, few claimants collect more than $I0,000. True, few accidents involve settlements of more than $20,000. But! Thousands upon thousands are sued every year for amounts in excess of their policy limits. They never know whether they will be called upon to pay—until the case is finally disposed of. Some cases kick around in the courts for several years before they are finally decided.

When you buy liability insurance, get adequate limits when you request direct car insurance quotes. Read about some of the high jury verdicts in your daily newspaper; talk to your insurance representative to find out the exact cost of increased limits. Consult your pocketbook. Get bodily injury limits of at least $20,000 and $40,000 and property damage limits of $10,000.

Juries bring in high verdicts against those who, it appears, can afford to pay. Therefore, business and professional people, corporations and those with apparent wealth should carry higher bodily injury limits-perhaps $100,000 and $300,000.

Direct Car Insurance Quotes and Different Kinds of Insurance Companies

Organizations writing automobile insurance may be classified as follows:
1. Stock companies.
2. Mutual companies.
3. Reciprocal exchanges.
4. Lloyds associations.
For practical purposes, the average car owner need only choose between a stock company and a mutual. Most insurance men, in referring to a mutual, mean a national commercial company rather than a small county assessment mutual. Reciprocals and Lloyds associations form a relatively small portion of the total number of companies writing automobile insurance.

A stock company is organized for profit. The stockholders are the ones who are entitled to any gain that may result from the operation of the business. The capital funds of the corporation are provided by the stockholders in the purchase of shares of stock. The officers and directors of a stock company are elected by the stockholders.

The greater part of all automobile insurance in the United States is written by stock corporations.
In mutual companies, the policyholders take the place of stock-holders. The policyholders elect the directors or trustees, who in turn elect the officers and supervise the company’s business. In the case of a mutual company, profits belong to the policyholders. Get direct car insurance quotes!

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