Direct car insurance for commercial vehicles

Tractors and poses, shall be written for Public Liability and Lawn Mowers property Damage at the premiums noted in the Miscellaneous Rate Section. Coverage shall include the attachment of agricultural or other farm implements. Get a direct auto insurance quote.

Power-driven Lawn Mowers shall also be written at the same classification and premium.
Any farm tractor used for demonstrating purposes shall be written at the regular farm tractor premium, but any Private Passenger or Commercial automobile that is used to demonstrate a tractor attachment shall take the full Demonstrating Premium.

Industrial or Dock trucks Station Trucks shall be treated as follows:
(a) Industrial trucks used in factories, plants or mills for carrying materials about the premises shall be written at the Industrial Truck rates shown in the Miscellaneous Rate Section.

(b) Dock or railway station trucks used for carrying baggage or freight at railway stations, terminals or docks shall be written at the Dock Truck rates shown in the Rate Sheets.

Industrial Trucks, and dock or railway station trucks shall take the lowest gasoline commercial car collision premium for the state in which the risk is located, such premium to be reduced 25% if the vehicle is driven by electric power.

Refer to the “Tractors” and “Farm Tractors and Lawn Mowers” Rules for rates for tractor units used for other purposes.

Commercial automobile used for commercial purposes and also for demonstrating and testing shall be written at the commercial premium applicable, except where the Demonstrating and Testing Premium is higher.

Commercial automobile or altered private Service passenger car used as a “first aid” car for road service in connection with other Commercial automobiles of the assured shall be charged the same rate as the Commercial cars.

Commercial automobiles used to carry passengers for a consideration shall be rated at the full Bus rates.

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