Direct Auto Insurance Quotes – Collision Coverage

Direct Auto Insurance Quotes with Collision Coverage

The insuring company agrees to pay for direct and accidental loss of or damage to the automobile caused by collision of the automobile with another object or by upset of the automobile. Ready to compare direct auto insurance quotes?

The fact that you were to blame for an accident has no bearing. Collision coverage does not depend on negligence or liability. If your car is damaged by collision or upset, you can collect —even though you were to blame for the accident.

Suppose you can collect from the other fellow. If you have an accident with another car you may be able to collect from the other car owner or his insurance company.

Report the accident in any event to your collision company. If the settlement doesn’t pan out with the other fellow’s company, you can collect under your collision coverage. The reason that you should first try to recover from the other company is that you can ask for your full damages. Your collision policy in most instances contains a deductible clause.

You cannot make a settlement for your auto damage with the other car owner or his insurance company and then make a claim under your collision policy. he cost of collision insurance is geared to the list price and age of the car and the territory in which the car is used. Find direct auto insurance quotes now!

Why Buy Collision Coverage

“Full coverage” collision is about four times as expensive as $50 deductible. $25 deductible costs about one and one-half times as much as the $50 deductible, and about twice as much as the $100 deductible.
Many finance companies require that you carry $50 deductible —some will be satisfied with $100. Get direct auto insurance quotes from top carriers in your area!

Collision insurance can be purchased on an 80-20 basis. This form provides that the insured has to pay 20 per cent of the loss. The insurance company pays the other 80 per cent. The most that the insured has to pay on any one loss is fifty dollars.

Collision insurance on commercial vehicles such as tank trucks and buses is sometimes written with a deductible provision of $500 or more. Considering the value of these vehicles and the risk involved, the cost of collision insurance could be prohibitive without a substantial “deductible.”

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