Auto Insurance Claims – the bigger the city, the higher the verdicts.

Locality. Strange as it may seem, a case that may be worth $10,000 in one section of the country may be worth only $5,000 in another section. That is true even within the confines of o state, such as New York, where a case may be worth much mo in a large metropolitan area than in a rural county where the verdicts are notoriously meager in amount. As a general rule, the bigger the city, the higher the verdicts.

Dramatic circumstances. You should take into consideration any unusual or dramatic circumstances in connection with the accident. Such circumstances might tend to magnify the case in the minds of the jury. The insurance company would also take into consideration whether the negligence of the insured was fragrant or gross.

Blank, a prominent local businessman, came home from a wedding party in a hopelessly intoxicated condition—tried to negotiate a turn at high speed—skidded up over the curb, striking a pedestrian. The pedestrian was bruised, not badly. But, oh, were his feelings hurt!

Normally his claim, including all expenses, would have been settled for about $235. But because of the dramatic circumstances attending the accident and the flagrant negligence of Mr. Blank, the insurance company was glad to get rid of the case for $450.

It is true that generally juries do not consider punitive damages—sometimes called “smart money.” But as a practical proposition, juries are apt to lay on the damages pretty thick when the defendant is guilty of intoxication or some flagrant disregard of the rights of others.
Scars. How much is a scar worth? Picture yourself on the jury —how much would you award someone with a similar scar?

Here are several important factors to consider:
1. Scars are more damaging to women than men.
2. Scars are more damaging to the young than the old.
3. They bring more to the single than the married.
4. They bring more if they hamper your wage-earning ability.
5. They are more damaging to the Beauty than the Beast.
6. Do the scars hinder a career that involves public appearance—stage, screen, television, modeling, etc.?
7. Can they be removed or improved by surgery? If so, what is the estimated cost of surgery and consequent hospital confinement?
8. Location and size of scar. The more prominent it is, the more it is worth. A scar on your face is worth more than if it were on your neck. In most cases, if the scar is hidden by your clothing, it has little, if any, value.

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