Auto Insurance Claims of Motorcyclists and Bicyclists

Direct Auto Insurance Quotes – Bicycle & Motorcycle Accidents

Find direct auto insurance quotes online. Generally cycles are classed as motor vehicles and the two- wheel vehicle, whether it be a bicycle or a motorcycle, has the same rights and duties as an automobile or truck.
The bicyclist or the motorcycle operator must observe traffic signals the same as an automobile driver.

Many youngsters riding- bicycles today develop the idea that traffic lights do not apply to them. This, of course, is wrong. They must obey traffic signals just the same as a tractor-trailer operator. Failure to do so could spell out negligence.

Bicyclists & Motorcyclists Hit By Car – Actual court case

Decedent, a young man eighteen years of age, was riding east upon his bicycle. A collision resulted between the automobile and the bicycle whereby the young man was fatally injured. The evidence was in direct conflict, both as to the respective speeds of automobile and bicycle and as to which side of the center line of the street was the place of the collision.

Reversing judgment for the plaintiff, the Court held that the bicycle rider was obliged to adapt himself to the rules of the street as applied to the great body of its traffic, namely, motor vehicles, and in the event of a collision with a motor vehicle, the duty of care of the driver of a bicycle and the driver of a motor vehicle is mutual and reciprocal, and will be measured by the same rules of the road.

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