Auto Insurance Accident – Loss of wife’s or child’s services

Loss of wife’s or child’s services. In most states a husband can recover for loss of services and earnings of his wife; also for the loss of his wife’s society and companionship (called consortium). Because of this, the husband has a claim for injuries to his wife. He is called on to sign the release at the time his wife’s claim is settled.

A wife, on the other hand, cannot collect for her husband’s injuries. This appears to be a denial of equal rights. The courts deny a wife the right to recover for loss of her husband’s services and affections. But there are rumblings in the courts that indicate that someday this may be changed. Therefore, many insurance companies require a wife to sign the release in settlement of her husband’s claim.

A parent is entitled to the services and earnings of a minor child. When a child is injured in an automobile accident, the parent ordinarily can collect for such loss of services and earnings.
Liability affects value. The value of a case is definitely tied in with the question of liability. Theoretically, you ought to be able to say whether a person against whom you are making the claim is liable or not—or, as the insurance men say, whether it is a of “liability.” Unfortunately, it is not that easy. In many cases you cannot say definitely whether it is black or white.

Where liability is clear, it is easier for you to insist that the amount of your damage be paid. But where liability is quest; able, then the direct car insurance company is apt to come up with a c< promise settlement proposal.

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